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Mrs. Stevenlee
T: 86-755-84879781
M: 13480615497
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Address: Yeefung industrial Area.Longxi hi-tech Industrial Park. Longcheng load.Longgang Town,Shenzhen,China., Shenzhen, China [CN]
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Assemble Console

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Product Name Assemble Console
Product Category Industrial Supplies & Machinery » Chemical & Pharmaceutical Machinery » Chemical Machinery & Parts
Product Keyword Assemble Console
Product Origin China [CN]

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Assemble series console
Craft feature and function:
1. Control set the design follows strictly the human body engineering learns.
2. The external appearance of the whole flows the line shape, simple, flowing freely, modern, beautiful generous.
3. Each part size all learns to compute through precision according to the human body engineering, have the Cape, side to all design to transfer for the curve, since guarantee the operation the safety, comfortable and convenient operation.
4. The control pedestal inside all presses international electrician's standard to install, having the stronger and in general use.
5. Cover to have the spirit spring coil after ascending cabinet, can heading up to turn over to open 60 or so, the convenience install, maintains.
6. Control pedestal each unit of inside interpenetration, walk line convenience, have the firm lines at the same time, guarantee cloth silk nattiness contain preface.
7. Control pedestal coping with empress the department all opens to spread the hot bore, and attach to pack the dust palliative net, the current and good airiness spreads the hot term, having the dust palliative function again.
8. Control the set design is for putting together to pack the construction, single an usage, may also many puts together to connect, conveyance convenient, the strength is dependable.
9. The side plank is a wood system material, set front-panel for prevent fire gum plank, the rest is all for high-quality steel plate.
10.The surface handles:Go to the oil, bottom the paint, the static electricity sprays the powder.
11.Can according to customer the request proceeds the construction design.

Parameter (Unit:mm)
Depth width Specification
1600 1800 2000
400 600 YF-ES5664 YF-ES5684 YF-ES5604
800 YF-ES5864 YF-ES5884 YF-ES5804
1000 YF-ES5064 YF-ES5084 YF-ES5004
1200 YF-ES5264 YF-ES5284 YF-ES5204
500 600 YF-ES5665 YF-ES568 YF-ES5605
800 YF-ES5865 YF-ES5885 YF-ES5805
1000 YF-ES5065 YF-ES5085 YF-ES5005
1200 YF-ES5265 YF-ES5285 YF-ES5205

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